Sunday, December 7, 2008

Naughty me :x

Mummy brought apple for me yesterday! (: I enjoy eating apple with the crunchy sound :DD More apples please !!!

This morning daddy fed me with wet food, My first time eating it. And i love it, I gobble them up as fast as i could. Everyone went out and left me at home :x

Daddy&Mummy bought more food and apples for me ^^ They even bought me new bones to chew and also deworm pills. I made a mess when nobody is at home, I pee and poop all around :x Mummy place me on the chair while Daddy&Mummy clean up the house.

Vodka chewing on the new bones ^^

Evening Daddy&Mummy help me to bath. I smell so nice after that :] I always goes crazy after my bath, I would become super hyper-active running everywhere. And i doesn't like people to touch me after i bath :/

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