Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello, do you know what is the name of the fruit below ??? Mummy told me it is call "Dragon Fruit" as direct translated from chinese. Sometimes the flesh of the fruit is in white, and sometimes reddish, like the one below. It looks weird to me, but mummy says it taste sweet :DD

Mummy : say TWIST

So i move my head, i thought mummy was asking me to twist me head ._.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hello pals, i had some beautiful pictures which i wanted to share with everyone! ((: Few days back , i saw a rainbow ^^ It was so beautiful and colourful :DD Oh, and look carefully at the pictures, there are actually two rainbow !!! Isnt it so beautiful?

And here are some creepy crawliers :x And they are slimy too ...

Guess what it is ???
Something slimy and Brown in colour :DD

They are snails

This afternoon WeiRu 阿姨 come and visit me, oh boy, i was so happy to see her! :] Because she plays with me...

WeiRu 阿姨 and me; Mummy and me ^^

After which three person help me to bath :DD Normally it was mummy and daddy. But this time round, WeiRu 阿姨 help me to bath too.

Do i look weird after my bath? Mummy always said that i look so skinny :x

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

True Colour Thursday!

This week colour is Brown! :]

Food :DD
Sry Twinkle, if i had to make you lick the screen :x

Bowl of sharkfin soup with smiley face :DD

Chocolate ice-screammmm

Sundae :p

Envelope :]

Wet food with carrots ...

"Bear" Bank

Brown Computer table

Brown chair

And lastly, meet mr. reindeer ((:

Here is a video of me catching a lil creepy crawly ....

Dont worry, i didnt eat it, althougt it looks as though i was ...
End up, the lil crawly manage to ecsape from my paws :x

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello pals, this is what i had for dinner :DD Mummy fed me with some worms ... Oppps, sry, correction ... Mummy says it is call pasta. { hehehe } And it does taste nice, below is pasta + carrots + wet food. It is delicious ^^

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This evening, my parent brought me down for a walk ^^ { yahoo }

Guess what did we saw ???
Make a guess :DD

Alright, we saw a group of kittens; roughly about 5-6 of them and a cat. I think that is their mummy :] Sry for the blur pictures, because mummy has taken them from quite a distance and zoom it in, as she doesnt want to startled them...

The kittens are really tiny! Even the mummy is quite small in size.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This afternoon mummy went to the library and borrow these books! (: Hopefully, she make some delicious food for me XD { hehehe }

Look! Mummy is playing with my food :x { hmpt } But does they look appetising? Actually i dont really care about how the food looks, as long as they are tasty :DD Do you agree with me ???

Mummy had mention during the previous post that she will go back to the petshop and enquiry them about the expire food. Mummy went down today, and she was really piss off! Alright here it goes ...

When mummy told the persont that the food had expire, guess what did the person reply? He says that the date imprint wasnt the expiry date, and it was the manufacture date ... There is two possibility why he said that. Firstly, he really doesnt know what the date represent. Secondly, he is obviously lying.

Reason : The previous ones that mummy brought had the "month"2011 imprinted on it. It is impossible to be the manufacture date. Its like " Hello! the food was manufacture on year 2011 ???" So mummy asked him this " you said that it was the manufacture date, so it doesnt have any expiry date? " The guy didnt answer to my question !!! End up, he replace the can of expire food with a new one.

After this experience, mummy swear that she will NEVER go back to that petshop again!!! It is alright if they apologise for it, but they didnt. And even beat around the bush! I wounder if other people who bought this would notice the expiry date ... I hope they will take all the expire food down the shelves, so no more other doggy will be affected. Are they going to take responsibility if someone's dog fell sick after eating them???

I think they are just plain irresponsible :x

Friday, February 20, 2009

Double Trouble

Look at the mickey mouse mug, does it seems weird?
Read further to know more ...

Yes, if you have notice, the ear have chip off. Thanks to Vodka :x Both daddy and mummy were so mad at me for doing this. I broke a mug and i drag another which is made of plastic to the living room.

Vodka hasnt been a good boy lately ... Whenever no one is at home, he became the king and does whatever that he likes. Including jumping onto daddy's bed dragging his teddy to the living room and bites it; upturn the rubbish bin; pulling out all the pens from the holder ...

But my parent was truly mad this time round !!! They were partially angry because of my bad behaviour lately, and the main reason was my safety. Because what if, what if the mug was made of glass ??? I will be sure to cut and hurt myself :/ So as a punishment, they made me stay on the chair for the longest time ever ... I knew it was for my own good, and i was whinging non-stop. This time round, the innocent looking eyes doesnt work on them.

Mummy said she felt so guilty and bad for punishing me, but she also says that this is for my own good.

Another news, this evening while mummy was about to feed me with wet food. She notice something weird. The food seems a lil unusual from the normal ones that i had. They were softer and more watery. So mummy took them to daddy and ask him. In the end, they found out that the food had expire !!! Luckily, mummy didnt feed me with them. Or else, the consequences would be ...

But the thing is, mummy just bought those wet food 2weeks ago. The expiry date was jan2008. Tml she is gng down to the petshop and ask them about this. Hopefully other humans who buy them will notice it ... And to make sure that the petshop owner check his goods before selling them. Mummy has learnt her lesson, she should always check for the expiry date before buying them.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

True Colour Thursday!

This is my first time playing True Colour Thursday, and i'm so excited about it !!! ^^ This is hosted by Poopsie aka Blue. This week colour is blue!

Look at the Blue water and sky!
Isnt it beautiful?
This was taken when mummy went to Langkawi!

Please ignore the ice-sreammm ...
This is daddy's Blue wall! ^^

Mummy's Blue penguin pencil case

Daddy's Blue bedsheet

My Blue carrier

Daddy's Blue teddy :]

Lastly, my Blue water bowl !!! ((:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Walk ` walkie

This afternoon mummy brought me out for a walk and also to meet WeiRu 阿姨! ^^ And i am so happy, because it has been some time since i last went for a walk. Mummy says that i have grown quite a lot, because my harness is rather small for me. And mummy even have to make a huge adjustment for my harness.

This is Mummy's sister; WeiRu 阿姨 (:

It was a rather windy afternoon, and my ears started to "fly" :DD But i really like sitting there and enjoy the breeze :DD


Look at me ((:

Monday, February 16, 2009

6mth old

I have turn 6mth old!!! (: { yeeps } 6 more month to my barkday, how fast :DD

Look at me :DD
I'm on Daddy's bed

Posing before jumping down :]
{ hahaha }
Look at the height ... I'm able to climb/jump from there. The first time i climb onto Daddy's bed, my parent was so surprise. Because Daddy's bed is rather high from the ground ...