Friday, December 5, 2008

Yeah, food :DD

I am so happy to see Mummy this morning :DD I am already big enough to bite the squeaky ball which was the first toy Mummy&Daddy bought for me. I love all the toys i had and i like to bring them all into Daddy's room.

I was alone at home when Mummy went to school and Daddy went for work :x I'm waiting for Daddy to end work ^^

I love to lie on Mummy's lap :]

My food is running low again, As i have been eating a lot lately. Mummy&Daddy will get more for me this sunday! (: Anyway this afternoon, Mummy went to the petshop and she saw lots of puppy. There was 2 little pug which was so adorable. Ohya, Mummy bought Tasty Lamb&Vegetables for me :DD*Happy

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