Monday, December 8, 2008

First step ^^

Look apple all over the floor :DD

I'm too egar to go out for a walk
I ran out when the door isnt open yet @.@

I saw this schnauzer

Walking on the pebbles
Good for blood circulation?

I had my wish come true :DD Mummy&Daddy gave me lots of apples today. Wohoooooooossss ^^ I hate it when they place me inside the cage while they clean up the house :/ Noon Mummy&Daddy brought me down for a walk. It has been a long time since i went for a walk due to the raining session. Oh ya, I saw two doggy while i went for a walk ^^

I made my first step today :DD I walk down the stairs all by myself. Although i did walk down stairs before, This is the first time that i walk down many flights of stairs :] After the walk i kept on pee around the house, Therefore Mummy&Daddy say that i'm naughty ): Mummy even punish me to stand for 1min.

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Lil Vodka want to play
Rain rain go away

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