Saturday, April 24, 2010

China - Wuhan part 1

Hello friends, mummy finally take the time to upload pictures taken from the trip. And there're just too much for an entry, therefore, she's gng to seperate them into parts. Enjoy the photos! (:

Here we go aborad! (:

It's really cold over there, and it's the first time mummy get to experience such weather. Do you know what? It even snow on certain days. How i wish i was there too! Because Singapore is summer all year round.

There's lots of dogs over there, and each time mummy saw a dog, it always remind her of me! Mummy notice one thing, which is when the dogs are out with their owner, it's seldom on leash. And they've the freedom to walk around. No matter how big the dogs are, or what their breed is.

Look at the puppy below, it's really obdient while waiting for it's owner to finish her meal.

Visits to the steel factory and yellow cran tower

Look at the below puppies and the mother, so adorable and pretty!

Visit to the three gorges

That's all for one!
Mummy will update part2 soon (:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It was really sweet of Oskar to pass these award to me! (: And just like Oskar, i would like to pass these awards to all my friends. Because everyone are equally important to me and i think everyone deserve this too.

Alright, rmb to stay tune. Mummy will be updating on her china trip too, and there's lots of photos and she really need some time to upload all.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm back!

Mummy is finally back from her 6week study trip to China, and i'm so happy because she didnt forget about me and got me gifts! :] Gifts make Vodka happy, what about you?

Compare the below picture with my previous's post picture!
My fur has grow.
Do i look different? :]

Seems like i've been missing out a lot and i hope you guys didnt forget me!!! Anyway, do look out for the next post, because mummy would be sharing photos which she took at China. Dont miss it!

Signing off with a picture of mummy and me