Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello pals, i've rashes on my neck :/
Is there any ways to prevent myself from scratching ?


bbes tribe said...

Vodka, We're so sorry you got the itchy rashes. That can be miserable. Our cuzin' Murphy has itches too & scratches a lot. The vet thinks he has an allergy. Maybe grass . .. anyhow Benadryl does help him. Did you go to the vetty yet? Good luck finding the cause and getting better.
Ernie & Sasha

Nellie and Calvert (The Giant) said...

Vodka... So sorry to hear you have an itch... here are some suggestions.

1. You just got groomed, Nellie gets a rash whenever she's groomed as well, especially in the hot months. I put Calamine (spray) whever it itches and I make sure to do this whenver I'm around so I can watch her. She like to lick it off.

2. Next time, ask the groomer if you can bring your own blade or clippers to have Vodka trimmed.

3. Santa's mommy posted a great blog not too long ago on a home remedy (http://santa-ms.blogspot.com/search/label/Remedy) copy and past this link and see if this might work for Vodka. Just be careful, if there are any open sores DO NOT put this on Vodka. It will hurt.

4. It smells terrible but adding fish oils to Vodka's food also help.

Add daily to their food: salmon oil based Omega3 fatty acid supplement, again to aid in the very best healthy skin and coat, it also helps if your dog happens to have any inner or outer body inflamation as well as allergies. This was recommened by Nellie's Breeder in Canada, here is her site in case you wish to read more: (http://miniatureschnauzer.ca/nutrition.htm)

The only thing you can do to keep Vodka from scratching it is that terrible collar that they have to wear. You can get it from a local vet or see if you can find a way to make it yourself. (http://www.ehow.com/how_2283865_get-dog-used-elizabethan-collar.html)

Good luck!


Mommy to Nellie & Calvert

Benny and Lily said...

Oh Vodka...you and my Lily have rashes. Mom keeps aloe in the refrigerator and puts some on Lilys neck (nice and cold) seems to help. Hope you feel better
Benny (& Lily)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Vodka!
Sorry you have the itchies!
We don't have experience with that but sure our friends have given you good info!
I hope you find something to help you!
Kisses and hugs

Iceman@SG said...

Hi Vodka,

You can get your mummy to spray CCS Peace and Kindness Colloidal Silver on the rash spot. It's quite effective for me :)


doyle and mollie said...

aw vodka sorry to hear you are all itchy hope all the loves are making you better!