Friday, December 19, 2008

Flea attack

This afternoon Daddy&Mummy brought me down for a walk and they notice something brownish and oval near my eyebrow :x Daddy was so worried that he might be some sort of flea, Because he tried taking it out but it seems to "stick" onto my fur. Therefore they shorten my walk and quickly brought me home :x

They even went online to look for related information. This is the first time that this happens to me. Both Daddy&Mummy are so at lost ): While bathing, Daddy finally took that something out ... Guess what it was? I guess flea, Cos it was some sort of insect and it was still moving :/ Daddy squeeze it and blood splash out, Looks like it has suck on my blood ):):):

Daddy&Mummy were so worried! Especially Daddy ): Does anyone know what can i do? Do i need to visit the vet?

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